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Just in time for Halloween, its Spoopy Bat!!! Originally created for the DarkTober 2018 Game Jam, this is a neat little game I created that is reminiscent of a game that took the mobile market by storm a few years ago: Flappy Bird. Navigate around obstacles to score points and last as long as you can! Unfortunately I could not finish this product in time to submit it to the jam, but I did manage to sneak it in just in time for Halloween! The whole thing took me around 12 total hours spread out over the month of October to complete (the majority of which was spent nitpicking how my pixel art looked!) so please download it and give it a try and let me know what you think! 

Currently the only build available is for PC, Mac, and Linux but eventually I'd like to revisit this project and publish builds for Android, iOS, and browser standalone. You'll also notice a lack of sound. If you think I'm bad at the art side of game design, oh boy just wait until you hear my attempt at sound design! Nevertheless, later revisions of this project will ideally include an update to incorporate sounds and music into the game.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!

(Made with Unity 2018.2.6f1 Personal)

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, unzip it to your desired location, open the application file to play


SpoopyBat.zip 15 MB

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